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What is Bluleaf® ?

Bluleaf® is a Software As Service (SAS) realized for irrigation and fertigation activities support, dedicated to farmers, experts and anybody else. Bluleaf® aims to improve and optimize water and nutrients use while making the farm practices efficient and sustainable.


Monitoring of the soil-plant–environment system thanks to field sensors and weather station’s measurements.


Planning of field activities based on water balance and soil evapotranspiration request


Irrigation management through automation and remote computing devices!


Rationalization and reduction of water and energy use

Experts from the information technology, engineering, physics and agronomic area compose the Bluleaf team. Our team connects the ICT companies’ world with the field sensors design one, supported by the scientific research thanks to two important research institutes, with the idea of making the management of field activities like the irrigation ones more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Success Stories


Agritech: the new face of Agri-food

Did you hear about “Vertical Framing”? It’s an innovative farming technique which is reshaping food production while disrupting the idea of “greenhouse cultivation”, both in advanced and developing countries. In these countries, indeed, vertical farming...

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KOSAGRI: last days in Kosovo

Bluleaf®'s adventure in Kosovo has come to end: let's resume the last days in Kosovo and the final Workshop In the last few days in Kosovo we've been employed on field, not just for tracking installed stations, but above all, to pick up moods of customers who have...

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Bluleaf for IOF2020: first phase of trial on field

Bluleaf's adventure in IOF2020 project keeps going on: here's the first steps of trial on field process   We're hardly working to carry on all the steps of IOF2020 project, where Bluleaf is enganged in "Frash Table Grape Chain" Case Study. After the previous...

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KOSAGRI: second day in Kosovo

Bluleaf's team activities in Kosovo continues!   During the second day in Kosovo, our team's activities focused on tracking installed stations in order to evaluate not just system performances but also customers satisfaction level while highlighting any further...

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About Us

Sysman Projects&Services Ltd is a company founded in 1994 that operates in the field pf Consulting, Systems Integration and Solutions Technology for Data Integration. Over fifteen years of experience in weather allowed a strong specialization in the field of design software architectures for the complete data management in agriculture and environment sectors.


 Via G. Lorenzoni, 19
00143 Roma
+ 39 06.5913729


Via A. Montagna, 2
72023 Mesagne (BR)
Tel. + 39 0831.1621511
Fax 0831.1702078


 Via Alberotanza, 5
70123 Bari
Tel. + 39 080.8642380
Fax 080.8642381

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