Produce more while consuming less; rationalize resources while respecting the environment by integrating technologies with the world of agriculture.


Focus on Water

Water is essential for life. The amount of fresh water on earth is limited, and its quality is under constant pressure. Preserving the quality of fresh water is important for the drinking-water supply, food production and ricreational water use

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Water is essential for life. The amount of fresh water on earth is limited, and its quality is under constant pressure. Preserving the quality of fresh water is important for the drinking-water supply, food production and ricreational water use



On these concepts, Bluleaf develops its identity.

“To create a conscious irrigation system, a model that allows integration between the water need of the crops and the weather conditions, is the first step to reduce the water consumption in the sector most affected by the use of this resource.”

This year the UNESCO has written a report called “Water for a Sustainable World 2015”, the report briefs about the world’s supply of water and the international policies implemented to reduce wastes and ensure a better accessibility for Third World countries.

As Ban-Ki Moon, General Secretary of the United Nations, affirms, the “water topic” has become predominant in recent years. This reflects a rising awareness of the world about the importance of water in development processes of those areas where it is impossible to access to clean water , but also in all the decisions taken to achieve a “long -lasting harmony with Earth ‘s essential ecosystem” ( Ban Ki – Moon , Water for a sustainable World- Foreword ).

It must be held that nowadays 748 million people still do not have access to clean water sources and it is expected an increasing of the demand for water in agriculture of 400% between 2000 and 2050. According to this, the commitment of governments of the United Nations is precisely to implement policies targeted to the water saving and to arrange financing and investment instruments that may provide a sustainable water management. In fact, thanks to these institutions, such as the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and RDP (Regional Agricultural Development Plan), Bluleaf has been born.

The idea of creating a system of smart irrigation management is one of those methodologies that aims to the preservation and to the conscious exploitation of water resources, right in the agricultural sector that consumes the 70 % of the total energy consumed on Earth.

The role of reality such as Bluleaf is then essential for a society that more and more aims to improve production efficiency while preserving the planet’s resources, declining the concept of economic development while respecting and preserving the environment.

This is why our Focus is on Water. The main mission of Bluleaf is devising a system that provides intelligent management of irrigation leads to optimize the amount of water used in the future and to reduce the percentage required by the agricultural sector, to save the world, crop by crop.

Focus on Innovation

” A Innovator is someone who can dream something different, better for everyone , reaching beyond what realized so far “

From the Istat report of the last few years, results indeed alarming the role of Italy in the context of the research, by European standards. If on the one hand only a small percentage of national GDP is devoted to research, on the other hand the patent applications are in declining and the technological gap between South Italy and North Italy is accentuating.

“In such an unfavourable context rises Bluleaf, which goes against the flow, and brings innovation and research where there seems to be no more “fertile ground”

The Precision Farming is the set of agricultural techniques that integrates the two worlds of agriculture and information technology. This management strategy was born in the 80s in the US, and uses computer models to generate a precise encoding of agronomic interventions, filtered on the real crop needs and on the biochemical characteristics of the soil.
This is the new frontier in the field of agriculture innovation: to lead innovation and research where the methodology bases on the experience of the individual rather than on precise models. With this new approach it was possible to reach the dual aim of maximizing the crops and consequently profits, and reducing unnecessary treatments or potentially harmful.

This is the field where Bluleaf was born, thanks to the co-existence of detection systems of climatic data and soil characteristics, and decoding systems and planning.

“With the aid of partners such as the IAM – B ( Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari ) and the ISPA – CNR ( Institute for the Agri Sciences , CNR, Bari ) , poles of scientific research in Puglia , Bluleaf born and grows. Driven by a spirit of innovation, Bluleaf rises in that part of Italy technologically “underdog “ steering at a future in which the smart logics will guide man in every sector