Cantine due Palme is one of the main important and famous company in Italian viticulture. Born in 1989 in Cellino San Marco (Lecce) thanks to Angelo Maci, Cantine due Palme counts nowadays more than 1000 associates and 2500 ha of grapevine crops  located among Brindisi,  Taranto and Lecce. The company started use Bluleaf® since the trial process. Here the witness of Nicola Scarano, Cantina due Palme agronomist :

“The conduct of the growing cycle of grapevine is an extremely difficult process to manage because it carries the inherent complexity of trees with drip irrigation in sub-irrigation. This is a process of transformation, which requires the achievement of high quality standards in terms of brix degrees necessary to achieve the desired alcohol content. In addition, the cultural heritage of the place and the empiricism suggest not irrigating the screw too much to maintain a state of “moderate water stress” in pursuit of quality standards. Bluleaf made me realize that I could change my irrigation strategy bringing to flush more frequently and with small quantities to increase the efficiency of the water.

Thanks to this, I got some very interesting results on the tested lots: production + 5% and + 1% brix with a great wine coloring factor.