Moccari farm has lost in time roots. The company rises in Mesagne (BR), in a masseria from 1626.

Abbracciavento family took the masseria over in 1990 and made the company grow thanks to the experience and love for his land of Oronzo Abbracciavento. Nowadays the company counts 80 hectares of different crops related to agricultural tradition of Apulia, such as extra virgin olive oil, wine (Primitivo, Negramaro, etc.) fruits, tomatoes etc.

Moccari farm focuses on preserving tradition while improving innovative cultivation techniques, that’s why Abbracciavento family chose to use Bluleaf® on their crops. Here’s Angelo Abbracciavento‘s (company owner) words:

“I overcome an initial skepticism about computer tools application in agriculture thanks to Bluleaf. Bluleaf increased my awareness about field conditions, by pointing out how that irrigation was higher than necessary.

With Bluleaf I saved 20% of water and electricity during a complete cycle on 2 variety of peach with unchanged productivity levels. I keep on using Bluleaf regularly in other irrigation lots and I’m willing to use it even on the rest of my grain crops and soon on vine and olive crops.”