About Us

Sysman Projects&Services Ltd is a company founded in 1994 that operates in the field pf Consulting, Systems Integration and Solutions Technology for Data Integration. Over fifteen years of experience in weather allowed a strong specialization in the field of design software architectures for the complete data management in agriculture and environment sectors.

Software solutions made by Sysman for agriculture provide tools to experts of this area (businessmen and agronomists) for support activities like monitoring, planning and management farms, according to the concepts of eco-efficiency which includes both the ecological and economic dimensions of sustainable agriculture.

 The Bluleaf team faces many every day challenges: to build a technological solution in a field of scientific strictness, to shape nature while looking at efficiency and entrepreneurial replicability. People with different skills in several fields of information technology, engineering, physic and agronomy, compose the Bluleaf team, turning diversity into strength.

The partnership


IAM-B (Mediterrean Agronomic Institute of Bari)



ISPA-CNR (CNR Institute of Sciences of Food Production of Bari).


Another important partner of the Bluleaf Team is


a leader company in the field of design and manufacture of monitoring systems and data transmission. Netsens offers to Bluleaf the equipment related to weather stations and sensors of the field, as well as the software technology, WI – Sense.