In these days, the “AgFutures Innovation and Investment Conferences” is taking place in Brisbane, and the Bluleaf Team flew to Australia to attend this important Confercence. Among all the innovation shown during the event, we couldn’t help to ask ourselves: what’s the worldwide agriculture situation and what will the future agriculture look like?

It is sure, that the principles of the agriculture-to-be will be Innovation and Investments, which are the conference main subjects. That is why the technology application to agriculture is defined as AgriTechnology.

The global population will surpass 9 billion during 2050 and this will affect global economic asset and more specifically the agriculture ones. In fact, Agriculture should deeply change in order to keep up with this population increase and to ensure them an equal and satisfying living standard.

How this should be done? Through the connection between Agriculture and Technology. The Agricultural sector is nowadays living a real “digital disruption”, in other words a digital revolution so deep that will change and reshape the sector asset forever and in every single possible way.

It has been said, that a revolution like that cannot be separated by the economic affection on agricultural companies and on institutional organization and other companies involved in this sector. That is the reason why we need to create and develop an opportune investment culture, in order to generate a correct awareness in companies and stakeholder about the innovation needs and available credit instruments. In Italy, these instruments are represented by the PSR credits.

So, what agriculture will look like?

While talking about Agriculture we are not just talking about the field activities but we are also considering many other activities concerned with the field ones, like the food production, the weather and climatic studies etc. Therefore, in order to understand the Agriculture revolution we must consider every agriculture aspect and the associated technologies. Certainly, this revolution started thanks to the proliferation of digital and data platform for data record and elaboration.

However, recently the Agriculture revolution involves also robotic and automotive sector, satellite technologies and the weather ones. Nowadays, the principal agricultural sector involved in the digital revolution is the irrigation ones. This sector, thanks to technologies like Bluleaf, connects the technical needs of a model able to read the plant water need, and the economic needs of reduce costs and time -per – man.  

Therefore, the real “new entry” in the Agriculture world is represented by “Nano technologies”, which are nowadays living a real golden era in scientific and technological research and counts several application in Agriculture. Thanks to nano technologies, it will be possible to optimize the food production in every single phase and to increase the crop efficiency. An example of application of nano technologies in agriculture is represents by the nano materials in the production of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Then, thanks to those technologies, Agriculture can join two main objectives: the realization of an environment friendly agriculture and the reaching of a smart resources utilization, in order to make a company competitive, without affecting the product quality. So does Bluelaf® (Mission), which always carried out those priciples, breaking the nation bundries to speak the international agricultural language.

Internet of Thing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the new Agriculture protagonists, and now Agriculture can reach through these technologies its fountain of youth.