As part of the IrriTech projet, we visited three High Schools in Apulia to show the digital agriculture world to new generation of agronomists.

The Precision Agriculture world is as dynamic and fast changing as this generation is. New technolgies and discoveries come out day by day. Therefore the dynamism of this sector vehicle the dialoge with new generatios.

We have been in three High Schools, Isituto Superiore Columella (Lecce), R.Lotti Superior Institute – Umberto I (Andria) and Istituto Superiore Basile Caramia (Locorotondo), on February 22nd and March 3rd and March 15th,  with Dr. Vito Cantore (INSPA-CNR). Meetings aimed to talk about how the Digital Agriculture sector is evolving and what will be the scenarios and technologies with which future agronomists will compare.

Three days for three themes: support systems for decisions in Agriculture During

In the first meeting, we presented to students of the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Columella of Lecce, a real decision support systems and how it can be the winning tool for a correct management of field.  Dr. Vito Cantore showed what there is “behind” a DSS, starting from the new way of seeing the field, as a system formed by the components (soil, environment and atmosphere), which are represented inside the decision support system and whose interaction determines the water balance. To touch with hands what said, we presented Bluleaf® to kids, who had the chance to try it.

Three days for three themes: harvesting with IOT

The second day theme discussed in Istituto R.Lotti of Andria, on March 16th, is the one that in on everibody’s lips nowaday in Digital Agriculture world: IOT techonologies for Agriculture.  Plants and crops become sources of data that communicate with each other, interface with the internet and become an inexhaustible source of news on the state of crops. We presented the latest prototype sensors developed by Sysman to students, thanks to the IOF2020 project.

What for us today is a cutting edge technoloy, for this generation will be an everyday tool in the management of field activities.

Three days for three themes: innovation or irrigation

On the last day of our tour that ende on Istituto Superiore Basile Caramia in Locorotondo, on March 15th, we talked about how technolgies and new discoveries could be the key to a proper managment of irrigation. In fact, Dr. Vito Cantore showed how new models and tools avaibale in agronomic field can manage the most delicate agricultural practice in a smart and evironmental-friendly way. Speaking of tools, we have shown which IT tools are the best choice to achieve smart and integrated field irrigation management, from Cloud Computing, to intelligent sensors, to IOT and DSS, such as Bluleaf®