One of the brand new proceedings that the EU promoted aims to finance research groups about agriculture innovation.

It is called PEI the “European Partnership for Innovation”. It represents the right solution to the fund raising problem for applied research, promoted by the European Commission, and it is the real news in the PAC 2014-2020.

The goal is to finance partnership and teams composed by agronomist, farmers, technicians, researchers and public institutions in order to create development models that have to be sustainable, green, and able to improve economy and costumers welfare. In other words, innovative!

Therefore, how much money should Italian farmers invest on innovation?

The answer is in the resources Bruxelles granted Italy: 21billion euros for 2014-2020.

E-learning class. Part of PSR founds will be destined to create “trail groups” for agriculture innovation: anyone (public institution, farmer, consultant, and researcher) who will set up a team able to transfer technologies and efficient models from University to fields (and in reverse) will access a part of these 21billion.

An unexpected revolution, that involve the whole European Community.

Whom to turn. Essentially, all this means that agronomists, technicians, farmer and research institutions must work together to submit ideas and system suitable on large scale. In order to know ongoing projects and have the opportunity to take part in one of them you can visit web sites such as Agroinnova ( ) or CSP( ). It is also possible to notify technics or ideas to be developed.