Great italian company, whose history and fascinating beauty matches whit its owner’s, Giuseppe Montanaro, heart. Giuseppe Montanaro’s love for good wine and rispect for his land, helped him shaping it into a real open-air artwork made of grapewine rows, extending as the eye can see. This composes the so called, “Vineyard Garden”. Truly, love for this land fostered the collaboration between this important company and Bluleaf.

“Amastuola farm already uses a decision support system based on Sholander’s chamber since 10 years. ” Piero Annese, Cantine Amastuola’s agronomist.

The Sholander’s Chamber is an evaluation and irrigation scheduling method very famous in vinicultural sector. This method is based on collecting buds that will be put into the Sholander Chamber and on reading the results. This very popular method, has a drowback: it isn’t very efficient because of farmer’s (or operators) very long job time.

Blueaf® allowed us consolidating and semplifying our irrigation strategy: grapewine needs to be water frequently and gradually until ripening. During this phase we can apply stress conditions to improve quality rates”

Irrigation scheduling is based on data collected no longer by farmer but by a network of soil sensors and wether station, that’s why it is very important to gain access to this kind of tools in crops like grapewine onces where we need to know how and when provoke stress conditions. We can ruduce time for planning and scheduling business processes, so farmers can concentrate on their business. We can also apply an environmental friendly managment of our company, reducing water waste and energy consumption.

“Thanks to Blueaf® we semplified and consolidated our irrigation method”

Semplification and consolidation, tradition and innovation, these are the principles of this collaboration.

Cantine Amastuola shared with us its vision of agriculture’s future, made of innovation, technology and rispect for the land, always focusing on productive performances improvement in order to demostrate that it is possible to gain best performance while preserving natural resources.

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