The collaboration between Syngenta and Bluleaf® was born thanks to common interest in scientific research and aspiration to operate a deep change in Italian Agriculture. Syngenta is one of the biggest Worldwide company operating in Agribusiness. Syngenta made research and innovation its mission, and this year promoted The Good Grow Plan, an action plan of six commintments Syngenta aims to achieve by 2020.

Syngenta’s aim is to boost a revolution in worldwide agriculture by promoting social awareness, smart resource use and improvement of natural resources efficiency. Indeed, Syngenta always promoted the “Responsible Agriculture” concept, a new agricultural approch able to meet economic needs with protection of environment. Syngenta’s goal is making this sector aware of both its social and environmental impact.

These are the reasons why Syngenta choose Bluleaf® for fighting apical rot on industrail tomatoes through a correct irrigation strategy on its Experimental Station “Syngenta – Mediterranean Crops Foggia”.

Indeed, a right irrigation strategy could save this crops from one of the most dangerous issues for end product quality and besides, optimize water use while avoiding wastes.

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