We’ll always remember 2020 : the anxiety and fear for our and our loved ones safety, for our businesses and for a world that changed overnight and that will never be the same.

In 2020, Italian farms faced completely new and unexpected problems: sudden reduction in orders, labor shortages, but above all, during the pandemic consumers have gained greater attention about food origins and production techniques.

Today, as it marks the firt anniversary of Italian lockdown, we wonder how the pandemic impacted on the Agri-food sector, and a fact catches the eye: digital has brought resilience.

The analysis of Osservatori.net SmartAgrifood Observatory shows, in fact, how digital world, which has saved many companies through smart working tools, has also saved the agri-food sector, accelerating its digitization process.

Digital world has allowed Italian farms a better management production processes, monitoring crops remotely, managing orders and contacts with customers and suppliers and using tracking and quality tools capable of providing the final customers with all the product information.

When we started the Bluleaf adventure nearly 10 years ago, we knew that digital world could deeply change agriculture and make it grow stronger and more resilent.

We may not know what the future holds, but we do know that the bet we made years ago on digital is a winning one!