Eima2022 promotion for smart irrigation

Stop wasting water!

Bluleaf® and Netsens designed an all-inclusive promotion for smart irrigation: by joining  innovative agro-meteorological sensors with a software for planning and automation, not a single drop will be wasted!




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Total control of agro-meteorological status in real-time and weather forecasts, with the innovative and hi-tech sensor systems by Netsens 

Smart irrigation

Smart decision support system based on water balance by Bluleaf®!

Why smart irrigation?


oBy using innovative and high-precision field sensors, you will always be fully aware of the real conditions and needs of your crops

No wasting

Thanks to Bluleaf® decision-making model you always know how much water to provide in order to achieve the pre-established production objectives

Automation and sustainability

Automate irrigation by setting thresholds and schedule interventions activating automatic irrigation systems without wasting resources, energy and costs



Water balance

Smart Irrigation

Decision Support


Record and plan

Automatic irrigation


Zero waste

Irrigation in a

ever-changing world

Climate change and water scarcity have (perhaps) permanently changed the way farmers manage irrigation.

But the problem remains: how to balance a scarce resource while keeping productivity high?

We at Bluleaf® and Netsens asked ourselves the same question and created a promotion dedicated to irrigation in the new Agriculture!

Thanks to the latest generation Netsens agro-meteorological monitoring tools and Bluleaf® software, you won’t waste a single drop!

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