George Beers, Project Manager at the Wageningen University & Research  and IoF2020 Project Coordinator: “IoF2020 does not only bring IoT in the food and farm sector, it stands also with the tremendous objective of delivering technologies that fit the needs of the entire value chain and the end-users, more particularly, and strengthen them for the challenges ahead. Together with our 70 partners we believe IoF2020 has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in the way food is produced in Europe, from the fields to the plates, and will contribute to reinforce European competitiveness and excellence in this area”.

Bluleaf® joins the Internet of Food and Farms (IoF2020) peroject.

The project aims to promote Internet of Things technologies application in European food and farming sector. 

“The Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project investigates and fosters a large-scale implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) in the European farming and food sector.”

The, that project started on January 1st 2017 and will run for four years, has a 30 million budget, co-funded by EU. t aims to promote investiongs about potential of smart webs of connected objects in the agri-food serctor.

IoT showed up as a real game changer in agriculture, especially in network and data-oriented technologies applications.

However, this applications are nawadays fragmentary and avaiable just for a small gruop of users. 

That’s why IoF2020 aims to promote also a large-scale uptake of IoT. This will be an improvement of the EU economy. IoT could improve the quality and environmental sustainability levels and reduce production costs.

The project provides solutions to 5 agri-food areas: arable farming, dairy, meat, vegetables and fruits and takes into account their own needs and obstacles. IoF2020 indeed, involves all the stakeholders in the food chain:

But it also focus on the end users, which represent the hart of this project. They will join the assessment phase, ensuring the technologies meet the sector needs.


You can read the IoF2020 Press release here