On 22th March recurs the Water World Day, a day held to highligth the water resources waste.

The 2017 edition, dedicated to “Water and Waterwasters”, is dedicated to water waste and recycling waterwaste.

“Do what you can, do it with others and do it whith passion” –

Guy Ryder,Chair of UN Water

The question we are asked every year is just how to preserve water resources, guaranteeing clean water accessibility to even more people?

The history

The World Water Day was established in 1994, to bring world’s attention on “water crisis”theme. Nowadays more than 1.8 million people can not easily access clean and not contaminatedwater sources , increasing the exposure to diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio.

The “Sustainable Development Goals” is a program, launched in 2015, which includes 17 sustainable goals, to be achieved by 2030, for the poverty containment , planet  protection and ensuring a prosperous future for the entire world population.

In Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all, there are all targets dedicated to water conservation in terms of waste reduction and resource equitable distribution .

Water in Agriculture: some numerbs

The agricultural sector worldwide well uses 70% of the total water resources available, it is estimated that water consumption in this sector will grow by 14% in the coming years. A growth rate, which as alarming in reality is lower than that registered in the 90s.3_Card_WWD2017

Are you a waster?

We are all waster, this is the main message of the 2017 edition of WWD. The goal is to demonstrate the responsibility of every single human being, but also the power we have to contribute to a “reversal” of this phenomenon.

Regarding the agricultural sector, it has now demonstrated the will of individual entrepreneurs and industry experts to intervene on their irrigation strategies in this regard, through technologies like Bluleaf®.