So pleased to have met USE CASE 1.3 partners of  IOF2020 Project, during the first kick-off meeting, which starts the activities for the development of the DSS-SOYA

The adventure within the IOF2020 project never stops, but continues with a new USE CASE. Next to 3.1, FRESH TABLE GRAPES CHAIN, we are now collaborating with the USE CASE “SOYA PROTEIN MANAGEMENT”, starting with the kick-off meeting set in these days in our office in Mesagne (BR). The technological idea behind this new cooperation is very simple, yet innovative:developing two types of DSS, totally focused on soy based crops. As stated in the description of the USE CASE:
Most plant based proteins are derived from the soya bean. Currently, the EU imports around 32 million tons of soya […] This makes the EU highly dependent on soya producing countries such as Brazil, Argentina and the US […] and processing of protein plants. Through smart farming technologies, such as decision-making systems and better sensor data to optimize machine operations, this use aims to reintroduce and increase soybean cultivation in the EU. 
The need to equip European community with proper technology tools for soy cultivation, means gaining indipendence from abroad and gaining competitiveness in a new market. That’s what prompted us to share the knowleadge and expertise in DSS and IoT fields with this new UC.
We are going to develope, in fact,  two DSS:
  • Strategic DSS: that will allow to determine the optimal scenario of the seeds to be used on a specific type of soil, in order to reach the target of a predetermined protein quality.
  • Dynamic DSS: for day-by-day decision support in irrigation with specialization on Soya. During the of meetings, we showed the prototype of the Staregic DSS (developed by Marco Fina and Michele Toriello, pictured), focusing on the details regarding GIS technology, Data Ingest and future developments of DSS and Dashboard.
On the second day, we detailed the Dynamic DSS, especially for what are the agronomic and technological aspects (presented by Vito Buono and Giulio D’Amato, in the picture below). Also in this case, thanks to  feedbacks from partners, we described the technology  is developing in terms of Data Ingest, data from weather stations, characterization of soya based cultures and integration in the Strategic DSS.
At the end of these three days-long Kick-off meeting, we are so satisfied and excited to have accepted this new challenge offered by the IOF2020 project and to have had the chance to work with Georg Spreitzer and Alessandra Bonamano.

Now, time to go back to work!