Sustainable Irrigation on industrial tomato crops for containing the “blossom-end rot” risks. The DSS’s trial process at “Centro Sperimentale” Syngenta (Foggia).


“Developing the plant’s potential for life!”


“Developing the plant’s potential for life”, is the Syngenta’s mission. Syngenta is one of the international main company in Agri-business, and its main mission is to develop new technologies and innovation in order to serve the Awareness Agriculture’s dictates and strengthen wealthy and performances of  crops.

These are the principles that lead the company, which has always be committed in scientific research and in new technologies experiment in order to develop and strengthen plant’s  productive potential and to increase process’s sustainability. The Syngenta Group born in 2000 with deeper roots, which gave it the strength and the experience that allowed it to become the first company interlay dedicated to Agri-business. The company is always looking for innovative solutions in response to the new agriculture threats.

“Estimating the water stress effects on the blossom-end rot problem on the industrial tomato crops”


Thanks to one of these threats, Syngenta accepted the Bluleaf’s systems trial processes. In fact, the trial that started this year on Syngenta’s crops aims to estimate the water stress effect on the blossom-end rot problem on the industrial tomato crops. The blossom-end rot represents a serious risk for crop’s quality, because it causes the whole crop’s impairment and it makes impossible the industrial use of tomatoes affected. The main causes of this disease are:  water shortages during the ripening of fruit, associated with a possible shortage of nutrients such as Calcium.

“Bluleaf: a decision support system (DSS), able to provide to agronomist an innovative method to schedule the necessary treatments”

Here it is Bluleaf, who provides to  technicians and researchers of “Syngenta – Colture Mediterranee ” in Foggia,  a brand new decision support system (DSS) able to provide to agronomist the real time information about the soil’s evapotranspiration request and the water content. The target is the irrigation management’s optimization matched with the use of products able to reduce the plant’s sensitiveness to the water stress and consequently reducing the risk of Blossom-end rot.

Therefore, thanks to Bluleaf’s services it will be possible to monitor the environment and to optimize the use of such a precious source such as water. It will also be possible to maximize the tomato’s performances, which is one of the main crops for the Foggia District’s economy.

The Bluleaf’s trial processes will be carried out in the name of sustainability and innovation, in collaboration with the “Università degli Studi di Foggia” and the “IAM-B, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari” and  thanks to the partnership between Sysman and Nestsens (ICT companies) that gave birth to the Bluleaf’s software and Wi-Sense hardware.

The Bluleaf’s trial process was born in the name of innovation and modernization of agriculture, staring at the performance’s optimization and crop’s quality improvement.