Over the years, Agriculture has proved to be the most resilient Italian and European economic sector, surviving the economic crisis of 2008 and the current pandemic. Agriculture resilience lies primarly in the ability to adapt and assimilate in its own processes, changes and innovations useful for its growth and survival.

Concepts of digitization, sustainable development and awareness have become increasingly topical issues and got  fully acknowledgment in the new Common Agricultural Programming (CAP) 

What’s the CAP?

CAP is a set of regulations and guidelines provided by the European Union, which regulates member countries management of agricultural policies. It was born in 1958 as a joint effort by EU member countries to cope with the growing environmental crisis (drought and climate change) and supply shortages and to support the development of rural areas, that are often excluded from the renewal process of the sector.

The CAP aims to tackle these problems by providing common goals and actions to agricultural policies of each member state, providing funding and economic incentives to those who stand out for their commitment to sustainable agriculture and support for rural areas.


The new CAP: a leading role for digitalization

We already discussed how digital world has played a central role in the re-shaping of the agricultural sector, allowing it to resist the pandemic emergency (here): seems like European Community acknowleadge that as it is dedicated a fundamental role in the CAP2021-2027 to the digitalization process.

The CAP general goal is to modernize the sector, both in terms of production techniques and developing and managing working conditions, focusing on smart crops and production, and promoting the adoption of new agricultural practices in rural areas.

In fact, among main goasl, we find: increase in competitiveness, protection of environment and food quality and health, actions for climate change, and others.


Puglia Region created a web portal dedicated to the CAP, a virtual platform where establish a contact with all the actors of the Apulian agro-food system.

A virtual platform functional to return an exhaustive picture of perceived needs, as well as to share the set of actions necessary to accompany the drafting of the Strategic Plan of the CAP post 2020.” (Read the whole article here)

What can we do?

That’s the question: what can we do to contribute?

In our work, we try to embrace those goals and aims, as we always tackled  sustainable growth, environemental care, food quality defence and a better and wider access to new technologies and agricultural techniques.

Those are the principles on which each Blulef tool is developed, and that move us every day, in and outside the field. A brighter future is ahead of us!