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We provide our customers with the best product possibile, with latest technologies and techniques, that’s why R&D activities ad fundamental. Bluleaf joins every year a lot of different projects, both national and international, in collaboration with mail Research Institutes.

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KOSAGRI: last days in Kosovo

KOSAGRI: last days in Kosovo

Bluleaf®'s adventure in Kosovo has come to end: let's resume the last days in Kosovo and the final Workshop In the last few days in Kosovo we've been employed on field, not just for tracking...

Latest R&D projects

Training & water management

Supporting the growth of agriculture in Bosnia Herzegovina, thanks to new study programs to transfer knowledge about innovative tools for water management.

A new Agriculture for South Italy

Partners from all over Italy are working to support the development of new digital agriculture techniques in the South Italy, thanks to the collaboration between research institutions and technology companies.

What's new for soilless crops?

New technologies for newest cultivation techniques of soilless crops: is this the future of agriculture?

Sustainable viticulture

DSS technologies are an important part of the vine production processes: what are the future applications and the resulting benefits?

A new life for waste water

After the ECOLOOP experience, a new project for waste water reuse in agriculture in the Capitanata area.

Technology and nitrates

Support for farms and institutions struggling with new regulations on nitrate contamination


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