Bluleaf’s Team keep working on  IOF: Internet of Food and Farms  project.

In the last few months, the Sysman Progetti & Servizi’s team has been involved in the Bluleaf® implementation for the Use Case “Table Grapes Chain”.
This implemenations aim to integrate a new module in Bluleaf system, the “Irri-TOG” module for organic table grape irrigation, which will allow to monitor crops for pest defence.

Not only water saving, but pest managment!

In order to implement the Irri-OTG (organic table grape irrigation module) module, SYSMAN P&S will define a new evapotraspiration model to be used “under tent” environment. It will be based on PM FAO-56 model with different inputs and Kc coefficients. Therefore, there will be an on-field trial process.

From IoT systems to farmers’ hands…

On operative level, SYSMAN P&S will  realize an innovative monitoring tool, as you can see in the gallery. SYSMAN aims to add an identity to every plants by means of custom NFC and QR code tag (one object to support both Android and iOS devices) in order to develop an “on field data gathering human interface”.
Farmers will use those tags to identify plants and smartphones to add specific remarks about pests.

We will realize a 360° support for farmers thanks to a solution that will no longer be just a perfect integration between IoT world and crop needs, but also a way to reach and guide farmers’ hands.