The water, public but precious, is essential for life. Water covers the 70% of Heart’s surface, but just a small percentage of that is available for human life. In fact, just the 2.5% is composed by freshwater. The 70% of the whole water volume is composed by ice and snow, the 30% by groundwater, and just the 0.3% by lakes and rivers. That is why only a small percentage (less than 1%) of water is useful for the ecosystems. As the data collected by World Healt Organization and Unicef ( show,one person out every nine can’t access clean water resources (748million people) and 2 and half billion people can’t access sanitation systems. The UNEP forecasts a reduction of clean water’s available resources in 2025 of 50% for developing countries and about 18% for developed countries. As the World Water Assessment Programme declares, agriculture employs the 70% of the completely clean water volume for irrigation, industry uses the 20% and just the 10% regards the domestic use. That is why Bluleaf® ( represents the brand new frontier of a conscious management of resources in agriculture, in particular for resources as tight as water. Bluleaf® was born thanks to projects about Industrial Research and Trial Development financed by Regione Puglia with FESR funds and thanks to the collaboration between both technological and scientific partners. The main goal is to develop a technological solution able to unify company needs and scientific strictness of math models for agriculture. Sysman enjoyed the scientific contribution of two Research Institutions: Bluleaf® is a system able to provide the monitoring, planning and manging of agricultural processes, in particular the irrigation and fertigation one, while following five main goals:
  1. Optimization of human resources allocation: less time for planning and scheduling  business processes
  2. Water Saving: less pumping of water
  3. Energy Saving: lower consumption of electricity
  4. Impact Environment Factor: reducing the use of chemical products
Many farms from the whole Apulia welcomed the Bluelaf’s trial process both on three and herbaceous crops, showing various operative problems. Thanks to this trial process, we are nowadays able to prove thought qualitative indexes, how our product is crucial in improving these agricultural processes.   For more information, please contact us: Erminio Efisio Riezzo (Project Leader)

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