The Apulian agricultural tradition has ancient and solid roots in this prosperous land. There are many families that have passed down from generation to generation, land, knowledge and cultural practices.

One of these families, the Favuzzi family, gave Birth to one of the most important company in the vegetable cultivation, the Sempreverde farm. This company brings on tables of whole Apulia, traditional products of central Apulia. Located among Bari, Molfetta, Bitonto, Giovinazzo and Bisceglie . The Sempreverde farm carries on traditions and family principles, united with the awareness of a constantly evolving sector . Here innovation founds fertile ground to grow up on.

In fact, the Favuzzi brothers along with dad Pietro promote the importance of “get you hand dirty” while farming the land. But they also embraced the newest cultivation tecniques and the most innovative agricultural processes.
The company farms some of the most traditional product of Apuglia , such as: cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, new potatoes, celery and watermelon. But the most important crop is  “puntarella”, a chicory that grows in the Molfetta land.
Sempreverde marries the intent to employ the latest innovations in agriculture on these crops, that represent the heart of the Apulian culinary tradition. The company chose to use our DSS BluLeaf on potatoes and melon crops, different crops with different cultivation and irrigation tecniques.
The DSS proved to be versatile and efficient, bringing a breath of innovation and environmental friendly processes
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