We were at MacFrut, the agricultural event where every year all stakeholders in agricultural sector meet and discuss challanges and opportunities of this sector. 


Key players of this Macfrut edition were “digital world”, and specifically, all the newest technological development, which nowadays are more and more integrated in agricultural sector. 




Surely, the most important improvement of latest years is represented by the raising importance of activities like monitoring and data capture from field. Those activities are fundamental in order to apply a correct and focused production strategy and this is fundamental (even on a regulatory level) in agrochemicals.

Indeed, in Ivano Valmori‘s (Image Line) speech, titled “Digital tools for managing production chain processes and improving communication” (complete intervention here) he highlighted how important are recording data systems to dose agrochemicals in a proper and regulatorly correct way.

In fact, referring to Legislative Decree 150 of 14 August 2012 (Article 16.3 et seq.), It is stated that “Purchasers and users of plant protection products keep the register of treatments at the farm during the cultivation season. The treatment register is a business module that lists the treatments performed on the different crops in chronological order. All the plant protection products on the farm must be noted on the register … The register shows:
a) personal data relating to company
b) denomination of cultivated crop and its extension in hectares
c)date of treatment, product and quantity used […] as well as adversity that required treatment “
Therefore, we can easly understand how important is gaining access to technologies able to simplify  activities of crops monitoring and managing data collected , both on business and regulatory level.


So, the digital world has become a “support tool” for farms, simplifying business processes and improving communication with field.

Recording and processing the amount of data from field and,above all, their trasformation in useful information are the main task of technologies, like Bluleaf, which shows up as tools able to support company’s daily activities.
The “digital transformation” road is long but filled with great successes and opportunities, which are driving agircultural industry over late years.