Professor Mladen Todorovich ( Senior Scientific Office of Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari) underlined the importance of exporting innovative irrigation techniques on Est Europe Countries, where dry weather makes irrigation a sore spot.

The Agriculture Digital Revolution involved the main worldwide Countries, from North America to North Europe. Therefore, advantages of using smart irrigation devices has been correctly proven. The main issue nowadays is exporting both instruments and knowledge developed in developing Countries.

In an interview for Panorama magazine, Mladen Todorovich well underlined the importance of using digital tools on Agricultural sector of Eastern Europe.

“It is important to properly calibrate irrigation on each crop condition and needs”, explains Mladen, and also, on the climate conditions. In fact, many times irrigation scheduling must be based not only on the crop needs but also on the temperature and humidity, in order to prevent freshly supplied water from evaporating. According to Mladen Todorovich, right tools for this mission are precisely the digital devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, the “modernization of the sector” is economically relevant to strengthen the skills already in place and to increase final product added value. At the business level, “gaining access to these methods generates not only benefits in terms of water saving, but allows a more stable product, higher yields and profits”, especially if the agronomic models are shaped following real climate condition of the Country.

Finally, Mladen Todorovich highlighted the global importance of implementing a more conscious irrigation method, as “the climate deeply changing, and rainfall is increasingly scarce” especially on dray regions, such as the Eastern Europe ones.

Ensuring access to new technologies for irrigation to an ever wider public is crucial to reach a more environmental friendly behavior. Bluleaf and Netsens are working together on the KosAgri project, which aims to export know-how and the technologies developed for the irrigation of wine vines (Vinesens) in Kosovo.